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    Koordinierungsstelle IT-Sicherheit

Koordinierungsstelle IT-Sicherheit

Cyber Security Coordination Group (CSCG)

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The Cyber Security Focus Group (CSCG) supports the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC in the field of Cyber Security matters.

CSCG was established in 2011 by decision of the Technical Boards of these three ESO's (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) following a proposal from DIN to create an advisory group on Cyber Security. In 2016 the group has been transferred into a Focus Group and ETSI has withdrawn its participation.

The CSCG supports its parent organizations in exploring ways and means for supporting the implementation of the trustworthy Digital Single Market in terms of cybersecurity aspects and data protection. It does not develop standardization deliverables (EN, TR, TS).


The CSCG Tasks

  • Analyze strategic developments and issues in cyberspace (new and advanced technologies, overlaps with other sectors that may transcend the digital sector etc).
  • Systematically assess how standards can support regulations and policies related to cyber security and data protection.
  • Examine the possibility for a common terminology and the building blocks for strengthening cyber security capacities in Europe as a first step toward greater EU cooperation in the cyber security domains of application
  • Prepare a mapping of current European and international initiatives aiming to increase online trust and propose its parent organizations to liaise with other European initiatives and standardization requests
  • Prepare an overview on suitable standards already publicly available to meet specific needs for IT products, systems and services
  • Give recommendations to parent organizations regarding positions in the international standards setting environment ( e.g. ISO/IEC JTC 1)
  • Propose actions to raise awareness of the parent organizations on the importance of standards as a key element in improving cyber security across Europe (including organization and participation in relevant external meetings)



• CEN members, CENELEC National Committees

• Partner/liaison associations and federations

• Other relevant ESO coordination group

• Relevant Technical Bodies in CEN, CENELEC

• European Commission (e.g. DG GROW, DG CONNECT, DG HOME) and EFTA Secretariat

• EU agencies (e.g. ENISA, EDA)


The frequency of meetings and means of cooperation between meetings will be defined by the CSCG members.

The CSCG reports on the progress of its work to the technical steering committees of the three ESOs on a regular Basis.

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