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    Koordinierungsstelle IT-Sicherheit

Koordinierungsstelle IT-Sicherheit

CSCG White Paper published

On 2 April, the Cyber Security Coordination Group (CSCG) handed over a White Paper with recommendations on digital security to the EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes. The White Paper recommends that internet security should be the subject of joint European standardization. The Chairman of the CSCG is Dr. Christian Ehler, Member of the European Parliament.

Handing over the document, Dr. Ehler emphasized: “With these recommendations, the CSCG encourages European institutions to establish a global lead in cyber security standardization. The protection of personal data is one of the core values of the European Union. We urge that the necessary steps be taken to make the European online environment the safest in the world, as recently demanded by the EU's recently published "Cyber Security Strategy".

Dr. Torsten Bahke, Chairman of DIN's Executive Board, stressed: "Recent events in connection with information and communication security have shown that there is potential for improvement with respect to security standards. It is important that Europe speaks with one voice and provides its citizens and its companies with the best possible solutions. Through the intermediary of the CSCG, standards organizations can achieve high standards common to all and ensure these standards are established."

The White Paper contains a total of eight recommendations to the European Commission, based on the EU Cyber Security Strategy approved in 2013. The CSCG is in favour of a mandate being issued for work on a regulatory framework on the coordination of standardization and cyber security in Europe. This can be be built on the model of the New Approach, which provides the governance framework for technical harmonization within the European Internal Market. CEN, CENELEC and ETSI realise the importance of taking the initiative to restore people's trust in Europe's digital infrastructures – a trust that has been shattered not only by recent revelations about cyber espionage but above all by the many incidents of cybercrime that have become public over the years. Trust is key to achieving a common digital European Internal Market. The establishment of common security standards in the transparent European standardization process and the harmonization of existing standards is pivotal to the digital strategy, including the necessary cooperation with other European and international partners. It is also the intention to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to take a more active role in cyber security standardization activities.

The White Paper can be found in the Download area.

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