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Your Contact: Michael Krüger

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Construction and buildings Show
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Sebastian Edelhoff
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Markus Brunner
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Standards Committees

Industry and information technology

Your Contact: Volker Seibicke

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Information technology and acoustics Show
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Your Contact: Andreas Lamm
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Standards Committees

TIP: IT Security Coordination Office (KITS)
The IT Security Coordination Office (KITS) is a subordinate body of DIN's Presidial Committee "FOCUS.ICT". The central decision-making body within KITS is its Steering Committee which coordinates all of its activities. KITS' operative body is part of DIN's Information Technology and Selected IT Applications Standards Committee (NIA).

TIP: Artificial Intelligence
In order for artificial intelligence (AI) systems to work safely and reliably for us in the future, standards and specifications are indispensable. DIN supports scientists, policymakers, industry and society in strengthening Germany’s role on the international AI market to provide the best solutions and products and in creating innovation-friendly framework conditions for the technology of the future.

Materials technology and materials testing Show
Production technology, language and sport Show
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Your Contact: Roman Grahle
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Standards Committees

TIP: DIN-TERMinology
Containing over 750,000 terms and definitions from standards, draft standards and specifications, the DIN-TERM database is made available to the general public for free.

Research and transfer

Your Contact: Mario Beier

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Research and transfer Show
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Living and environment

Your Contact: Dr. Bärbel Wernicke

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Food, packaging, plastics Show
Health Show
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Your Contact: Elisabeth Beck
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Standards Committees

TIP: Commission on Health (KGw)
The Healthcare Commission (KGw) coordinates DIN's various activities in the field of healthcare and ensures this interlink with the activities of other institutions.

Services, civil security, plant technology Show

Water, air, technology and resources

Your Contact: Dirk Kostmann

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Aviation and building systems Show
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Your Contact: Jan Dittberner
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Standards Committees

TIP: Coordination Office for Logistics
For the standardization logistics is subdivided in 7 fields. More information can be found here

TIP: Heat-generating equipment standards portal
On this site the German Controls Manufacturers Association VHB e.V. and the German Standards Institute DIN e.V. give an overview about standards for controls which are published or currently in work. National standards (DIN) are covered just as European Standards (CEN, CENELEC). Also global standards (ISO, IEC) will be shown as long as they apply to controls for boilers or process heat equipment.

TIP: Air-conditioning and ventilation standards portal
This standards portal is jointly run by DIN and the German technical association "Fachverband Gebäude-Klima e.V. (FGK)". Its aim is to give German experts access to comprehensive information on standards and standardization activities in the air-conditioning and ventilation sector, at national, European and international level.

Maritime and defence Show
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