• Positions and opinions DIN takes a stance on political issues in standardization

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  • Zeigefinger eines Roboters und der Zeigefinger eines Menschens berühren sich.

    Shape the future with standardization Standardization supports the economy in the digital transformation

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  • Bundestag. Im Vodergrund ist eine EU- und Deutschlandflagge

    Standardization facilitates deregulation Standardization is an instrument of deregulation

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  • Fahnen vor dem Parlament in Brüssel

    Standards help achieve policy goals Joint Initiative on Standardization Action 4

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  • Frau zielt mit einem Bogen auf eine Zielscheibe

    The German Standardization Strategy Strategic goals for standardization in Germany

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Public affairs at DIN

Standardization reaches all corners of our society. It therefore requires the close involvement of political decision makers, on both a national and a European level. This involvement yields the framework conditions in which the German Standardization Strategy is able to flourish. The Strategy states that "Standardization in Germany helps business and society to strengthen, develop and open up regional and global markets.” 

DIN Public Affairs provides consultancy services to political decision makers about the effect that standardization and its results can have on various different areas of policy.

- Better legislation: In its legal regulations, the State is able to refer to standards to provide the technical details necessary for compliance with essential requirements. In this way, standards are an instrument of deregulation.

- Trade policy: The German export industry demands “one standard – one test – accepted everywhere”. Through its active collaboration with CEN and ISO, DIN can deliver this.

- Digital policy: Digitalization is only possible with standards. Standards are the first choice when it comes to transferring technology and connecting it to global market penetration.

- Research policy: Standards are a catalyst for the diffusion of research results and the transfer of technology.

- SME policy: Not just using standards but also participating in standards work give SMEs a competitive advantage.

- European policy: European Standards are used to supplement directives, thereby improving legislation. This, in turn, forms the foundation of a unified European single market.


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