The Standardization Podcast by DIN

Human beings are not ants – What you never wanted to know about standardization, but definitely should know!

The Standardization Podcast by DIN about DIN – all about standards and standardization in Germany (DIN), Europe (CEN) and the world (ISO). In 12 short episodes of this podcast, you will find out everything important you need to know about standardization:

  • What exactly is standardization anyway?
  • Does DIN write the standards?
  • Why should I even care about standardization?

Standardization is a democratic system in which you can make your voice heard. But because you can’t actually learn how to do that (yet), we will tell you. The podcast is entertaining and has lots of stories. I promise you it won’t get boring!

Podcast in english

Podcast auf Deutsch 

The person behind the podcast

Amelie Leipprand

Senior Project Manager, DIN Young Professionals

I first earned a degree in stage acting, then a degree in engineering. What was the motivation behind this major change? It was to make the world a better place and invent something really great to do it. After 6 years of studying and a period of time spent in research, I came to the realization: Many things have indeed already been invented, but to actually improve the state of the world, they have to be broadly applied. It might surprise you to learn that “boring” DIN provides the lever to make this broad application possible. This is because rule-setting is done by democratic collaboration, on both the technical and the social level. Since then, it has been my mission to bring this knowledge to the world. My little podcast is intended to bring DIN and standardization closer to all those who would normally steer clear of this topic.

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