Use standards

Standards promote efficiency, trust and safety

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Why do we need standards?

Under today's market conditions the significance of norms, standards and technical rules – and their correct use – is an economic factor that should not be underestimated. Standards promote production efficiency, and by ensuring consistent product quality with a high level of comparability they increase consumer confidence.

Standards also mean more safety from a legal perspective – in meeting standards manufacturers achieve a high level of legal security. For more information see the section "Standards and the law".

How can I use standards?

Innovation and technical progress in accord with relevant legislation are the mainsprings of product and service quality, and require the effective use of technical standards.

Standards users requiring proof of compliance with a particular product or service standard can make use of the certification services offered by DIN's subsidiaries.
Users often employ an electronic means to manage their standards collection. DIN and DIN Media provide support in the acquisition and management of standards collections.

Where can I get more information?

In addition to the Standards Committees who develop standards, the German Committee of Standards Users (ANP) at DIN provides all stakeholders in standardization with a platform for exchanging experience and information. Consisting of DIN staff and over 400 active external experts from enterprises throughout Germany, ANP is organized into several regional groups and individual projects.

The German Committee of Standards Users in DIN (ANP) represents the voice of standards users.

Anyone can use DIN Standards, and their use is voluntary.

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