DIN and our partners

DIN and its subsidiaries provide comprehensive services for national, European and international standards work. We offer our customers a global network and over 100 years' experience.

DIN is a private organization registered as a non-profit association. Our work is primarily financed through the sales of standards, DIN Media ...

Who does what in DIN - a look into DIN's organizational structure.


DIN represents the interests of German stakeholders worldwide. Wherever standards are set in Germany, DIN is a unifying force.

Standards provide a common language for the technical world.

Atomium in Brüssel

The main goal of European standardization is to unify all standards that apply within Europe.

IBD helps developing, emerging and transitional countries set up and optimize their standardization systems.

A selection of publications which deal with DIN and standardization.

The Communications Office provides information on DIN and on standardization in general.

Abbildung des Exponats Normung und Standardisierung auf einen Blick aus der Ausstellung im NormenWerk bei DIN.

The "NormenWerk" interactive exhibition introduces DIN visitors to the world of standardization.

Nearly 100 years' experience in standardization