DIN Young Professionals (DYP)

The young network

The DIN Young Professionals (DYP) network is aimed at all young people - and also those young at heart - who want to know how to bring innovative ideas onto the market faster and are interested in learning more about cutting-edge topics such as the circular economy or artificial intelligence in order to help shape their own future.

At DIN Young Professionals, it doesn’t matter if you have had little to do with DIN so far, or if you are already actively taking part in standards work:

The DYP network is open to all young professionals, young entrepreneurs and students from all sectors: From mechanical engineering and IT to food and the agricultural sector, to construction, transport and mobility, and services.

To our English speaking audience, we need to let you know that the rest of the content on DYP is currently only available in German. But don’t let this stop you from getting involved! We do speak English, and we would love to hear from you. Feel free to write us an email, or pay us a visit at a trade fair.

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