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Innovation with Norms and Standards (INS)

Germany plays a leading role in developing innovative approaches in a number of sectors. We want to maintain and enhance this lead, even in the face of growing global competition. To do this, the quick implementation of innovative approaches as marketable products and services is absolutely essential.
One helpful tool for this is the "Innovation with Norms and Standards (INS)" research programme. Initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), INS is an effective means of introducing standardization at an early stage of R&D - especially for gaining a lead over European and global competition.

This long-term programme was initiated by the Ministry in 2006 in connection with the German Federal Government's "High-Tech Strategy for Germany". The aim of the programme was to optimize the market maturation process of highly innovative technologies, to promote the participation of those who have not yet been involved in standardization, and to increase awareness among decision-makers in industry, research and politics. INS projects make an essential contribution towards enhancing the position of German companies on the global market.

Please note: New project ideas can no longer be submitted.


The funding programme "Transfer of research and development (R&D) results through standardization (TNS)" of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is intended as support for research organizations and companies.

The increased use of standards will help R&D results find their way to the market as successful products and services. The intent is also to enhance the impact of state-supported research. 

Please note: New project ideas can no longer be submitted.


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