Research in standardization

Companies can use standardization as an effective strategic instrument. For example, standards can be used at an early stage of development to prepare the market for a new product.

There are many ways in which standardization is beneficial – it helps shape the market, increases investment security, supports deregulation - just to name a few.

However, there is not yet enough empirical data to fully research this phenomenon. Research in standardization will help companies and other organizations better understand the potential of standardization as a strategic instrument, thus motivating them to become more involved in standards work.

German standardization panel

The "German standardization panel" (DNP) was set up in 2012 and is financed by the German Society for the Promotion of Research on Standardization (FNS). This series of annual surveys was conceived and is carried out by the TU Berlin's Chair of Innovation Economics.
These surveys are performed to gain new knowledge for the purposes of standardization research, standardization practice, and for setting up suitable strategies. The goal is to obtain measurable results illustrating the benefits of standardization and to identify trends, for example for dealing with consortial standards or accelerating standards work.


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