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DIN Standards Committee Round Steel Link Chains

About NRK

DIN Standards Committee Round Steel Link Chains (NRK) is responsible for national (DIN), European (CEN) and international (ISO) standardization of round steel link chains (round steel link chains for general purposes, chain slings, hoist chains, conveyor chains, bucket elevator chains, mining conveyor chains, anti-skid chains and lashing chains), components and accessories.

In addition, NRK supports DIN Standards Committee Shipbuilding and Marine Technology (NSMT) in the development of standards for round steel link chains (studless anchor chains, grade NM anchor chains, stud link anchor chains), components and accessories used on board ships of the German Navy (VG Standards), on merchant ships (DIN and ISO Standards) and in inland navigation (EN Standards). Standardization of steel for welded round steel link chains and chain components is carried out in close cooperation with DIN Standards Committee Iron and Steel (FES). In these cases, NRK undertakes the role of co-issuer of the corresponding standards.

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