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DIN: Setting tomorrow's standards today

Industry 4.0, the "fourth industrial revolution", essentially refers to the merging of virtual worlds with real production. This means that areas such as mechanical engineering, logistics and IT must work together smoothly - across the globe. How can we efficiently pave the road to industry 4.0? The fact is: This is not possible without standards. DIN has taken great steps for moving towards Industry 4.0, making it easier for German companies to stay ahead in the process.

Getting there first

DIN is helping companies bring their solutions to the market fast - getting a foot in the door to Industry 4.0 early on.
It is important to bring actors from all relevant disciplines together to bundle interests and define common strategies.

Industry 4.0: Reaching the market faster - with DIN. 




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The German Standardization Roadmap on Industry 4.0 gives recommendations for action and describes the need for standards in Industry 4.0.

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Standardization is a transparent process - that anyone can take part in!