Setting standards with DIN

German standards and specifications set international benchmarks.

DIN represents the interests of German stakeholders worldwide. According to an agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany, DIN is recognized as the national standards body for Germany. Wherever standards are set in Germany, DIN is a unifying force. We build networks, help set up a common terminology, and open up doors to international markets.

What we do

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Our processes for developing standards have proven effective over many years and are supported by a modern infrastructure. We provide a platform where experts from all areas can come together to develop standards and specifications.

  • Our stakeholders represent the private and public sectors - researchers, industry leaders and consumers alike.
  • Within the standards committees, DIN staff members organize this work. They make sure all internal rules of procedure are followed. They also ensure that work results reflect the state of the art, comply with anti-trust laws, and meet the demands of democratic legitimacy. Our standards are practically oriented, detailed yet easy to understand, and consistent.
  • Our subsidiary, DIN Media, publishes our work and not only sells German Standards, but also European Standards, International Standards and national standards from all over the world. Income from the sales of standards finances our work to a great extent.
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We are continually identifying new topics and technologies which can be brought to the market faster. This makes DIN a catalyst for innovation. By regularly reviewing our standards collection, we make sure it is always up-to-date.

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We work closely together with a wide network of interdisciplinary specialists. This makes us the ideal platform for working on topics relating to converging technologies and all sectors. Our contacts help us identify and launch new topics.

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We hold the secretariats of many committees responsible for important standards projects. This makes us well-suited to represent German interests at all levels. We have gained this leading role because we bring in new ideas, provide the necessary specialist knowledge and have access to the right expert circles. In return, we are in the best position to shape the content of standards.

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Standards users rely on a uniform, consistent body of documents. To ensure this, DIN coordinates the work of all bodies involved in standards development, thus avoiding duplication of work.

Our work results

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Because our work reflects the state of the art and involves all stakeholders in the private and public sectors working in consensus, DIN Standards are widely accepted - and trusted - throughout the world, by business and consumers alike.

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The intense involvement of German standards experts in European and international standardization enhances DIN's international reputation. In fact, we are one of the most active standards organizations in the world. 

Democratic legitimation Show

The consensus process with its public commenting, mediation and arbitration procedures lends a democratic legitimation to DIN's work results that is highly valued by users, especially in terms of consumer protection, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

Compliance with anti-trust legislation Show

DIN's Statutes and rules of procedure ensure that our work complies with all relevant anti-trust laws.

Product liability protection Show

DIN Standards are used to give technical detail to legislation and are useful in product liability cases (e.g. as prima facie evidence).