Subsidiaries & Associated Companies


Beuth Verlag GmbH
Beuth Verlag is a full-service provider of technical information for all sectors and professions.
A subsidiary of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, we provide national and international standards and technical rules, as well as multi-media information services for businesses of all sizes, research and academic organizations, trade associations, service organizations and the trades.
Our diverse programme includes a number of sector-specific book series, loose-leaf collections, online services and journals. Many of these titles are available in English or are bi-lingual. Furthermore, our "DIN Academy" offers a wide range of conferences and seminars on technical subjects (at present in German only).
Beuth Verlag takes its name from the Prussian industrial pioneer and founder of Berlin's Technical University, Christian Peter Wilhelm Beuth.

DIN Software GmbH
DIN Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DIN. It is responsible for maintaining the DIN Group's databases. Offering a number of services, DIN Software is a world leader in providing information on standards and professionally designed information platforms which companies use to optimize their business processes.

Associated Companies

Among their many international activities, DQS and the international DQS Group support businesses by providing impartial, expert and internationally recognized management system certification services based on international standards and norms.

DIN Bauportal GmbH
DIN Bauportal GmbH is an online service provider of products and services in the construction sector and promotes digitalization in the application of specifications with the construction software industry.

The core business of DIN Bauportal is the provision of the online version of STLB-Bau - Dynamic Construction Data.

With the DIN BIM Cloud, an additional product offered by STLB-Bau, DIN Bauportal provides a platform for researching and standardizing component types and their properties for use in Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the processes of design, construction and operation (FM).