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On this site the German Controls Manufacturers Association VHB e.V. and the German Standards Institute DIN e.V. give an overview about standards for controls which are published or currently in work. National standards (DIN) are covered just as European Standards (CEN, CENELEC). Also global standards (ISO, IEC) will be shown as long as they apply to controls for boilers or process heat equipment.

The goal of this site is to compile a list of standards applicable to the entire range of controls for heat generating equipment for the experts in this industry. Most of these standards have been developed and released over the past decades and they are available. In addition it is being shown which standards are currently being revised or being drafted. The structure of Committees and Working Groups is being shown so that it becomes obvious, where the work is being done. Contacts are being provided, so that any questions on standardization projects can be adressed to the right people.

Historically a lot of different national standards especially for safety relevant controls have migrated to harmonized European standards as a matter of a demand coming from European Directives. But even with that approach the regional coverage of the standards is not limited. Often the technical content of European standards is used as a working draft for global standards. For controls it has to be considered additionally that in the system of controls standards CENELEC and IEC are responsible for standards defining horizontal requirements on electrical and functional safety. CEN and ISO standards will then describe the product based on its function in the application. This site showing the system of standards for controls will allow the experts to identify which committee is working on requirements and where it may make sense to participate in the active work to contribute to writing standards which will help engineers to make best use of controls.


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