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The success of a good idea often depends on how long it takes to reach the market. A DIN SPEC is the fastest way to turn research into a marketable product. No obligation to reach a consensus, and smaller, more agile working groups make it possible to develop a DIN SPEC within only a few months. Thanks to the worldwide respect for the DIN "brand", DIN SPECs are effective marketing instruments that are widely accepted by customer and potential partners alike. DIN's job is to ensure that a DIN SPEC does not conflict with any existing standards. With its international contacts, Beuth Verlag sees that DIN SPECs are published and sold to a wide circle of customers. And any DIN SPEC can be used as a basis for a full standard.

DIN SPEC Case Studies

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  Case Study DIN SPEC 92001-1

Artificial Intelligence – Life Cycle Processes and Quality Requirements – Part 1: Quality Metamodel

PDF (194 KB)
  Case-Study DIN SPEC 92001-2

Artificial Intelligence – Life Cycle Processes and Quality Requirements – Part 2: Robustness

PDF (428 KB)
  Case Study DIN SPEC 92222

Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation

PDF (417 KB)
Current business plans
Document number Begin Title
DIN SPEC 91368 2021-09 Samples for scientific surveys in market, opinion and social research – Quality criteria and documentation requirements More 
DIN SPEC 15800 2021-08 Entertainment Technology - General Device Type Format (GDTF) More 
DIN SPEC 19289 2021-08 Fibre-reinforced composites - Measurement of Interfacial Shear Strength by means of a Micromechanical Single-Fibre Pull-Out Test More 

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
DIN SPEC 27557 2019-01-09 European Cloud Service Data Protection Controls Catalogue More  Comment 
DIN CWA 16458-1 rev 2018-06-25 European ICT professionals role profiles - Part 1: 30 ICT profiles More  Comment 
DIN CWA 16458-4 rev 2018-06-25 European ICT professional role profiles - Part 4: case studies More  Comment 

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN SPEC 5452-5 2021-11 PAS Aerospace series - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - Part 5: Digital roof measurement via drone More  Free Download
DIN SPEC 91460 2021-10 PAS Delirium management in stationary facilities More  Free Download
DIN SPEC 15240 Beiblatt 1 2021-09 PAS Energy performance of buildings - Ventilation for buildings - Inspection of air-conditioning systems; Supplement 1: Notes on energetic inspection according to the Building Energy Act GEG 2020 More  Free Download


Withdrawn DIN SPEC
Document number Begin Title
DIN SPEC 8100 2015-11 Textiles - Reinforcement textiles - Automatic measurement of drapability on non-crimped and woven fabrics for continuous fiber reinforced materials; Text in German and English More 

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