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Draft publication and webinarprCWA 17727 – Disaster Risk Management / Climate Change Adaptation Framework

(2022-02-18)  While negative impacts of climate-related and other hazards on urban areas are widely discussed, their impacts on historic areas within cities and communities have not been studied extensively enough. Draft CWA 17727 defines an integrated approach that combines disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change adaptation (CCA) activities for historic areas in communities. The overall DRM/CCA Framework in prCWA 17727 includes a: characterisation of historic areas and their exposure to natural and climate change-induced hazards, set of requirements and recommendation on how historic areas can become more resilient, step-by-step process to manage disasters, and to perform and monitor resilience-building activities. By publishing the draft document for review and commenting the development group of prCWA 17727 wishes to get feedback on the content, for example from: community/historic area decision makers, technical staff, as well as by councillors working on risk and vulnerability ... More 

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DIN initiates new CEN Workshop on search and rescue technologiesUrban search and rescue - Guideline for the application of a test method for innovative technologies to detect victims in debris

(2021-10-28)  In the face of natural or man-made disasters, urban search and rescue (SaR) teams and other first responders like police, medical units, civil protection or volunteers, race against the clock to locate survivors within the critical 72-hour timeframe (Golden Hours), facing challenges such as instable structures or hazardous environments but also insufficient situational awareness – all resulting in lengthy SaR processes. In order to speed up the detection of survivors trapped in collapsed buildings and to improve working conditions for the first responders, the EU-funded research project CURSOR designed an innovative Search and Rescue Kit (CURSOR SaR Kit) based on drones, miniaturized robotic equipment, advanced sensors and incident management applications. The overreaching aim of CURSOR is to develop a SaR kit that will be easy and fast to deploy leading to a reduced time in detecting and locating trapped victims in disaster areas. To make sure that these solutions are meeting ... More