IT Security Coordination Office (KITS)

Networking stakeholders in IT security standardization

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The IT Security Coordination Office (KITS) is a subordinate body of DIN's Presidial Committee "FOCUS.ICT". The central decision-making body within KITS is its Steering Committee which coordinates all of its activities. KITS' operative body is part of DIN's Information Technology and Selected IT Applications Standards Committee (NIA).

Our primary aim is to present and coordinate all IT security standards work at national, European and international level that is of interest to German stakeholders from all sectors. We place great importance on tapping potentials for harmonizing this standards work.

To do this, we support networking among other setters of technical rules relating to IT security, including technical associations, organizations and government agencies. Not only do we take their work into consideration in our own activities, we also strive to influence this work in the interest of standardization.

Our work focuses on IT security management as well as data security.

The IT Security Coordination Office (KITS)

  • coordinates the work of various actors (standards committees, technical associations, industry experts, government agencies) relating to IT security,
  • helps implement relevant legislation at national and European level,
  • consults standards committees working on standards that include specifications relating to IT security (e.g. the Smart Grid, informatics and telematics in medicine),
  • maintains an index of all standards projects relevant to IT security and which are important to German stakeholders,
  • disseminates this index among German standards committees to avoid duplication of work,
  • organizes workshops, conferences and seminars on IT security standardization,
  • promotes IT security standardization at trade fairs, within research programmes, in trade associations, etc.,
  • prepares informational material on the subject of IT security


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