DIN in Europe

European standardization regulation

Reporting on national work programme

European Union Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardization places requirements on DIN as a National Standards Body of an EU Member State.

DIN publishes its annual work programme as defined in Regulation 1025/2012. This contains information on the national standards that are in development during the reporting period. It does not include identical or equivalent transpositions of international or European standards.
Download the 2023 work programme.

For a weekly-updated sector-specific version of the work programme, please refer to the respective site of the standards committee. See for example the current projects of the Personal Protective Equipment Standards Committee or the recently published standards of the Optics and Precision Mechanics Standards Committee.

For a monthly-updated list of national standards projects of all CEN members, arranged according to country and sector, please refer to the EU Notification Procedure.

SME engagement

DIN is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses to get more involved in standards development and to gain the greatest possible benefits from the use of standards. See our SME page for more information.