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DIN Standards Committee Colour

About FNF

The DIN Standards Committee Colour (FNF) develops basic standards and specifications in the following areas of both luminous and non-luminous colours

  • for methods for the objective metrological description of the perception of colour and of colour difference, for example in coatings, plastics, prints, etc., the aim of which is to optimize quality and reduce production costs,
  • for safety in signalling and traffic systems,
  • for the associated terminology,
  • for applications in colour teaching and learning,
  • for systematic classification systems on perceptually equally-spaced colours, and
  • on conditions for visual colour matching.

The DIN Standards Committee Colour (FNF) coordinates German representation in the European (CEN) and international (ISO) standardization bodies, and in the International Commission of Lighting (CIE).

How is FNF composed?


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