Standards and the law

Standards and the law

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Anyone can use DIN Standards, and their use is voluntary. They only become mandatory if they are referred to in contracts, laws or regulations. They are also helpful in liability cases: As generally accepted rules of technology, standards make it easier to demonstrate that one has followed best practices.

Please note: DIN's Legal Affairs Division is not authorized to give legal advice in individual cases. The following information should not be used as be a substitute for legal or professional advice.



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Standards help relieve the legislative burden on the State: Legislators can concentrate on overall issues and protection objectives.

European Standards help shape the European internal market. They bring detail to European technical legislation and help implement European policies.

CE marking demonstrates compliance with EU legislation (such as New Approach Directives).

Only DIN has the right to use the DIN mark. Exceptions and conditions are laid down in the "Rules on the use of the collective mark of DIN".