Technische Regel [NEU]

DIN SPEC 15801
Veranstaltungstechnik - My virtual rig (MVR); Text Englisch

Titel (englisch)

Entertainment technology - My virtual rig (MVR); Text in English




This document specifies "My Virtual Rig" (MVR), which is designed to provide a unified way of listing and describing the hierarchical and logical structure based on DIN SPEC 15800 "General Device Type Format" (GDTF) - and further environmental information of a show setup in the entertainment business. It will be used as a foundation for the exchange of extended device and environmental data between lighting consoles, CAD and 3D-pre-visualization applications. The purpose of an MVR-file is to reflect the real-world physical components of a show setup and the logical patch information of the devices while maintaining the kinematic chain. This DIN SPEC has been developed according to the PAS procedure. The development of a DIN SPEC according to the PAS procedure is carried out in DIN SPEC consortia and does not require the participation of all stakeholders.

Ausgabe 2023-12
Originalsprache Englisch

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