Current business plans

Number: 119

DIN SPEC 4997 2019-02 Privacy by Blockchain Design: A standardised model for processing personal data using blockchain technology More 
DIN SPEC 27557 2019-01 European Cloud Service Data Protection Controls Catalogue More 
DIN SPEC 91405 2018-10 Organizational change management for consulting projects More 
DIN SPEC 91404 2018-10 Guideline for the Standardization of Maintenance Processes More 
DIN SPEC 91406 2018-10 Automatic Identification in the nameplate More 
DIN SPEC 10542 2018-09 Application and performance testing of MC-Media Pads More 
DIN SPEC 91373-2 2018-08 Magnetocalorics - Measurement of magnetocaloric properties of magnetocaloric materials More 
DIN SPEC 91401 2018-08 Packaging - Test method for determination of the peel strength of sealable packaging materials More 
DIN SPEC 77232 2018-07 Standardized financial analysis for independent professionals, sole traders, the self-employed and SMEs More 
DIN SPEC 17071 2018-07 Requirements for the production of components using additive manufacturing - Guidelines for quality-assured processes at additive manufacturing centres More