How is a DIN SPEC drawn up?

The economic success of a good idea depends on how long it takes to reach the market. A DIN SPEC is the fastest way for turning research into a marketable product. Drawn up in small working groups, or "workshops", DIN SPECs can be published within only a few months. These workshops are excellent for exchanging ideas with other market participants.
Anyone can initiate work on and/or participate in the development of a DIN SPEC, including companies, organizations, research institutes and private individuals. DIN's job is to make sure that a DIN SPEC does not conflict with any existing standards or rules of procedure. With its international contacts, DIN Media makes sure DIN SPECs are published and sold to a wide circle of customers.

How you can draw up a DIN SPEC:

  • Contact us for free consultation
  • Submit your idea - DIN will check out its potential as a DIN SPEC for free
  • If accepted, work then begins in the form of a kick-off meeting
  • At least three independent authors are required
  • The content is drawn up in workshops
  • DIN Media publishes the DIN SPEC
DIN SPEC - Your competitive edge on the market
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For large and small companies alike - DIN SPEC help bring your innovative ideas to the market - quickly and easily.

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9 steps on the way to your DIN SPEC PAS

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A CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is a document developed and approved in an open CEN Workshop.