Business plans

Number: 158

DIN SPEC 91487 2022-12 Terms, definitions and characteristics for the use of digital twins of electric vehicles More 
DIN SPEC 15801 2022-12 Entertainment technology – My virtual rig (MVR) More 
DIN SPEC 68008 2022-10 CIFU SCORE (Circular Furniture Score) –System for classification of furniture based on circularity More 
DIN SPEC 92005 2022-10 Artificial Intelligence - Uncertainty quantification in machine learning More 
DIN SPEC 91480 2022-10 Benchmarking quantum computers with determined KPIs More 
DIN SPEC 91486 2022-10 Rapid weathering method for assessing the resistance to microbial growth More 
DIN SPEC 91490 2022-09 Efficient Testing of Hydrogen-Tank Tows More 
DIN SPEC 91481 2022-09 Classification of recycled plastics of polyamides by Data Quality Levels for use and (digital) trading More 
DIN SPEC 77229-5 rev3 2022-09 Technical services - Service categories and contents for industrial process engineering systems - Part 5: Cold, heat and sound insulation More 
DIN SPEC 91483 2022-08 Minimum requirements for gold dealers and gold investment products More