Business plans

Number: 104

DIN SPEC 91460 2021-03 Delirium management in stationary facilities More 
DIN SPEC 91383 2021-03 JT Industrial Application Package (JTIAP) More 
DIN SPEC 91456 2021-02 Requirements for ingredients of cannabis products for use in the food and cosmetics sectors More 
DIN SPEC 77202 2021-02 Requirements on Stewarts on Events More 
DIN SPEC 91457 2021-02 Photocatalysis – Determination of the CO2 conversion and product yield More 
DIN SPEC 91458 2021-02 Utilization of carbon dioxide – Terminology More 
DIN SPEC 91043 2021-01 Remote monitoring for decentralized drinking water treatment plants More 
DIN SPEC 4872 2021-01 Textile products - Test Method for aerobic biodegradability and environmental compatibility in fresh water, sea water and soil More 
DIN SPEC 96017 2020-12 Standardized quality requirements and quality inspection for individual medical devices adapted by 3D imaging and additive manufacturing More 
DIN SPEC 18212 2020-12 Concrete Recycling - Quality assurance in high voltage electric pulse disaggregation of waste concrete More