Business plans

Number: 112

DIN SPEC 91368 2021-09 Samples for scientific surveys in market, opinion and social research – Quality criteria and documentation requirements More 
DIN SPEC 15800 2021-08 Entertainment Technology - General Device Type Format (GDTF) More 
DIN SPEC 91465 2021-08 BIM – Classification code for media and room requirement for media-intensive buildings More 
DIN SPEC 19289 2021-08 Fibre-reinforced composites - Measurement of Interfacial Shear Strength by means of a Micromechanical Single-Fibre Pull-Out Test More 
DIN SPEC 91411 2021-07 Requirements for the technical representation of magnetic measurement scales in design drawings More 
DIN SPEC 91414-2 2021-07 Access control planning requirements in connection with the deployment of tested vehicle security barriers More 
DIN SPEC 91462 2021-04 - More 
DIN SPEC 91459 2021-04 Product and process requirements on the free postal market More 
DIN SPEC 19305 2021-03 Testing of furniture based on corrugated cardboard for temporary use More 
DIN SPEC 91460 2021-03 Delirium management in stationary facilities More