Withdrawn DIN SPEC

Number: 3

DIN CWA 16633; DIN SPEC 91298:2013-09 2013-09 Ageing behaviour of Structural Components with regard to Integrated Lifetime Assessment and subsequent Asset Management of Constructed Facilities; English version CWA 16633:2013 More 
DIN CWA 16525; DIN SPEC 91304:2013-05 2013-05 Multilingual electronic cataloguing and classification in eBusiness - Classification Mapping for open and standardized product classification usage in eBusiness; English version CWA 16525:2012 More 
DIN CWA 16504; DIN SPEC 91288:2013-02 2013-02 Simplified multilateral EDI - Secure electronic data interchange in non-hierarchical networks; English version CWA 16504:2012 More