Current business plans

Number: 191

DIN SPEC 91517 2024-05 Trustworthy AI Methods in Police Applications More 
DIN SPEC 99004 2024-05 Specification of Operational Design Domain in Rail More 
DIN SPEC 91637 2024-04 Impact measurement of measures for municipal, regional and national climate protection More 
DIN SPEC 92006 2024-03 Artificial Intelligence - Requirements for AI testing tools More 
DIN SPEC 19292 2024-03 Textiles - Test method for determination of fiber shedding potential during simulated washing More 
DIN SPEC 3456 2024-02 Industrial valves - Guideline on requirements for metallic valves for hydrogen application within European standardization More 
DIN SPEC 33462 2024-02 Data-based persona More 
DIN SPEC 91555 2024-02 Open BIM in the real estate lifecycle - requirements for the data transfer from the planning phase to the operating phase of a building More 
DIN SPEC 91512-1 2024-01 Fairness of AI-based applications in the financial sector – Part 1 General More 
DIN SPEC 77218 2023-12 Technical services for industrial process engineering systems: structuring and categorization of industrial services description More