Current business plans

Number: 188

DIN SPEC 33461 2023-12 Process definition for search engine optimization (SEO) of websites More 
DIN SPEC 91509 2023-12 Data model for the technical documentation of medical devices More 
DIN SPEC 91505 2023-11 Open BIM in the real estate lifecycle - requirements for the data transfer from the planning phase to the operating phase of a building More 
DIN SPEC 91510 2023-11 Requirements for the hygienic reprocessing and reuse of reusable plastic packaging More 
DIN SPEC 99003 2023-11 Description of defined error codes for using of charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles More 
DIN SPEC 91454-4 2023-10 Information exchange in the supply and value chain of construction products – Part 4: Cement More 
DIN SPEC 91507 2023-09 Communication interface for anti-theft devices on semitrailers More 
DIN SPEC 91503 2023-08 Procedure for the asynchronous Handover of Semi-Trailers in Relay Traffic More 
DIN SPEC 91504 2023-08 Barrier-free charging infrastructure for electric vehicles More 
DIN SPEC 91499 2023-08 Optical test method for determining the number and size of visible impurities in plastic recyclate samples produced by hot pressing, and classification of plastic recyclates into impurity classes based on this method More