Current business plans

Number: 135

DIN SPEC 91475 2022-04 ESG - Data Point Initiative for the ecological analysis of Real Estate Stock More 
DIN SPEC 91471 2022-03 Assessment methodology for automotive LiDAR sensors More 
DIN SPEC 91473 2022-03 Characteristics of dry and fresh baker's yeast More 
DIN SPEC 91472 2022-03 Remanufacturing (Reman) – Quality classification for circular processes More 
DIN SPEC 91607 2022-02 Digital twin for cities and communities More 
DIN SPEC 92003 2021-12 Process model for planning and introducing data-driven software applications More 
DIN SPEC 32790 2021-11 Reference architecture for blockchain applications to create transparency in supply chains More 
DIN SPEC 91466 2021-11 Packaging waste sorting plants – efficiency in resource recovering and other quality features – measurement procedures and documentation More 
DIN SPEC 91454-3 2021-11 Information exchange in the supply and value chain of construction products – Part 3: Asphalt More 
DIN SPEC 77221 2021-10 Description of a process engineering digital standard plant More