Current business plans

Number: 180

DIN SPEC 91499 2023-08 Optical test method for determining the number and size of visible impurities in plastic recyclate samples produced by hot pressing, and classification of plastic recyclates into impurity classes based on this method More 
DIN DKE SPEC 99002 2023-07 Terminology – AI in railway applications More 
DIN SPEC 91498 2023-07 Development of a terminology and definition specification for the term "plastic-free" More 
DIN SPEC 91496 2023-06 Recycling of printed polymer packaging – Evaluation of deinking using a test procedure More 
DIN SPEC 19458 2023-06 Evaluation of the reusability of calcium silicate masonry demolition material as a raw material for the calcium silicate unit production More 
DIN SPEC 35809 2023-06 Balancing the greenhouse gas emissions of municipalities More 
DIN SPEC 10026 2023-05 Returnable transport packaging - Requirements for reuse with direct contact to defined products in a system according to DIN EN 13429 More 
DIN SPEC 91315 rev 2023-05 General requirement for plasma sources in medicine More 
DIN SPEC 91500 2023-05 Requirements for the structural and procedural organization of construction projects More 
DIN SPEC 91490 2023-04 Determination of tensile properties of resin impregnated rovings and towpregs More