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DIN SPEC 77201-1 2020-07 Quality requirements for service dogs in security industry More 
DIN SPEC 77201-2 2020-07 Quality requirements for service dogs in security industry; Certification procedure in accordance with DIN SPEC 77201-1 More 
DIN SPEC 91445 2020-07 The industrial Reference Architecture (iRefA) More 
DIN SPEC 91446 2020-07 Standards for trading (via digital platforms) and processing plastic waste feedstock and recyclates More 
DIN SPEC 91447 2020-07 Contract notes for trade in agricultural commodities — Requirements More 
DIN SPEC 5452-5 2020-05 Digital roof measurement via drone More 
DIN SPEC 91444 2020-05 Definition of a quantum computer-resistant encryption scheme More 
DIN SPEC 91448 2020-05 Guide on running a hotel and restaurant business in preparation for and during a pandemic More 
DIN SPEC 91443 2020-05 Systematic Knowledge management for SMEs - Tools and procedures More 
DIN SPEC 91436 2020-04 Reference model for operational waste management aligned with a "Zero Waste" vision More