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Adhesive bondings in electronic applications - Determination of thermal conductivity of materials for heat dissipation


This document serves as a guide for users to select a suitable method for determining the thermal conductivity of substances used in electronic applications for heat dissipation. Many methods, some very different, have been developed for determining the thermal conductivity of materials. While some of these methods are predestined for use with certain substances or end-use applications, the same methods may be inappropriate for other substances or end-use applications. This document provides guidance to users on the suitability of these procedures. The substances considered in this document are: - Adhesives; • Potting compounds; • Pastes; • Films and foils; • varnishes (so-called "heat spreaders"); • precured or reactive "gap fillers".



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DIN 50003

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NA 062-10-03 AA - Adhesive bondings in electronic applications 



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