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DIN EN 00289247 2022-05-16 Chemikalien für die Gerbereiindustrie - Bestimmung des Gesamtgehalts von einzelnen Bisphenolen More  Comment 
DIN 50989-5 2022-05-10 Ellipsometry — Part 5: Multiple layers and periodic layers model More  Comment 
DIN 50989-6 2022-05-09 Ellipsometry — Part 6: Effective Materials model More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 13825 2022-05-09 Petroleum and related products - Determination of arsenic content in crude oil using atomic fluorescence spectrometry More  Comment 
DIN 19282 2022-05-06 Construction adhesives - Preparation of test pieces and handling of work pieces More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 4962 2022-05-06 Nanotechnologies - In vitro nanoparticle phototoxicity assay More  Comment 
ISO/NP 16364 2022-05-05 Guidelines for Galvanic Corrosion Control More  Comment 
DIN 54387-4 2022-05-04 Testing of ceramic raw and basic materials - Chemical analysis of boron carbide, boron nitride, metal borides and elemental boron - Part 4: Determination of metallic main components and trace impurities More  Comment 
DIN 51086-3 2022-05-04 Testing of oxidic raw and basic materials for ceramics, glass and glazes - Part 3: Spectrophotometric determination of chrome(VI) with diphenyl carbazide in the presence of chrome(III) More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 18173 2022-05-02 Non-destructive testing - General terms and definitions More  Comment