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Drafts of NA 062

Number: 241

DIN EN 15987 2021-12 Leather - Terminology - Key definitions for the leather trade; German and English version prEN 15987:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 11339 2021-12 Adhesives - T-peel test for flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies (ISO/FDIS 11339:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 11339:2021 More 
DIN 51133 2021-12 Testing of floor coverings - Determination of the displacement space More 
DIN 53923 2021-12 Testing of textiles - Determination of water absorption of textile fabrics More 
DIN 54390 2021-12 Solid recovered fuels - Real-time determination of fuel-characterising parameters using near-infrared spectroscopy More 
DIN EN 12916/A1 2021-12 Petroleum products - Determination of aromatic hydrocarbon types in middle distillates - High performance liquid chromatography method with refractive index detection; German and English version EN 12916:2019/prA1:2021 More 
DIN EN 15691 2021-12 Ethanol as a blending component for petrol - Determination of dry residue (involatile material) - Gravimetric method; German and English version prEN 15691:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 18122 2021-11 Solid biofuels - Determination of ash content (ISO/DIS 18122:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 18122:2021 More  Read draft and comment
DIN 4871 2021-11 Non-destructive testing - Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel in Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) More  Read draft and comment
DIN 50159-2 2021-11 Metallic materials - Hardness testing with the UCI method - Part 2: Verification and calibration of the testing devices More  Read draft and comment