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Number: 12

DIN CEN/TS 15053 2020-07-31 Non-destructive testing - Recommendations for discontinuities-types in test specimens for examination; German version CEN/TS 15053:2005 More  Comment 
DIN V 54129 2020-07-31 Non-destructive testing - Automated ultrasonic examination - Selection and application of systems; German version CEN/TR 15134:2005 More  Comment 
prEN 17528 2020-09-03 Clothing - physiological effects - Measurement of water vapour resistance by means of a sweating manikin More  Comment 
DIN ISO 132 2020-08-31 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of flex cracking and crack growth (De Mattia) (ISO 132:2011) More  Comment 
DIN ISO 7743 2020-08-31 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of compression stress-strain properties (ISO 7743:2011) More  Comment 
DIN 66074-2 2020-08-31 Shoe sizes; length grading More  Comment 
DIN 66074-1 2020-08-31 Shoe sizes; fundamental characteristics of a sizing system More  Comment 
DIN 66074-3 2020-08-31 Shoe sizes; width grading for ladies' and gentlemen's footwear More  Comment 
DIN 53548 2020-08-31 Testing of rubber; determination of the freezing behaviour of vulcanized rubbers by moduls-temperature measurement (Gehman test) More  Comment 
DIN 53531-2 2020-08-31 Determination of the adhesion of rubber to rigid materials using conical ended cylinders More  Comment