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DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

About NMP

DIN's Standards Committee Materials Testing (NMP) develops standards and specifications within the field of materials testing with a special focus on:

  • tests which have been made mandatory in legislation or other rules and where the test is to be carried out by a third party,
  • testing standards dealing with cross-sectoral topics.

Cross-sectoral topics include:

  • tests which are significant for several standards committees,
  • test methods that can be used in several areas of application,
  • test methods focussing on specific characteristics which are relevant

in various areas of application.

In developing testing standards, the NMP also sometimes becomes involved in work on product standards. Such work is agreed with the relevant standards committee or, where there is no such committee, with DIN's Management Board.

The NMP is responsible for the development of standards in its area at national (DIN), European (CEN) and international (ISO) level. It also coordinates German participation in European and international bodies, in some cases also holding the secretariat of that body.

How is NMP composed?


DIN e. V.

Volker Seibicke

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13627 Berlin

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
DIN EN 00019587 2020-01-27 Liquid petroleum products - Determination of hydrocarbon types and oxygenates in automotive spark ignition engine fuels - Gas chromatography with vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy detection (GC-VUV) More  Comment 
DIN EN 00019588 2020-01-27 Automotive fuels - Diesel fuel market issues - Abrasive particles investigation report More  Comment 
ISO/WD 4215 2020-01-23 Corrosion of metals and alloys - Test method for high-temperature corrosion testing of metallic materials by thermogravimetry under usothermal or cyclic conditions More  Comment 

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Current Draft Standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 17225-4 2020-03 Solid biofuels - Fuel specifications and classes - Part 4: Graded wood chips (ISO/DIS 17225-4:2020); German and English version prEN ISO 17225-4:2020 More 
DIN 51603-1 2020-03 Liquid fuels - Fuel oils - Part 1: Fuel oils EL, minimum requirements More 
DIN EN ISO 21912 2020-03 Solid recovered fuels - Safe handling and storage of solid recovered fuels (ISO/DIS 21912:2020); German and English version prEN ISO 21912:2020 More 

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN CEN ISO/TS 19590; DIN SPEC 19286:2019-11 2019-11 VN Nanotechnologies - Size distribution and concentration of inorganic nanoparticles in aqueous media via single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ISO/TS 19590:2017); German version CEN ISO/TS 19590:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN CEN/TS 17273; DIN SPEC 52379:2019-06 2019-06 VN Nanotechnologies - Guidance on detection and identification of nano-objects in complex matrices; German version CEN/TS 17273:2018 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN CEN/TS 17276; DIN SPEC 19285:2019-05 2019-05 VN Nanotechnologies - Guidelines for Life Cycle Assessment - Application of EN ISO 14044:2006 to Manufactured Nanomaterials; German version CEN/TS 17276:2018 More  Order from Beuth Verlag


New standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 1833-15 2020-03 Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 15: Mixtures of jute with certain animal fibres (method by determining nitrogen content) (ISO 1833-15:2019); German version EN ISO 1833-15:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN ISO 19577 2020-03 Footwear - Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components - Determination of Nitrosamines (ISO 19577:2019); German version EN ISO 19577:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN 50002-1 2020-03 Adhesive bondings in electronic applications - Bonding strength on surfaces - Part 1: Tensile test More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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Documents withdrawn without replacement
Document number Deadline for comments Title
DIN ISO 1306 2020-01-31 Rubber compounding ingredients - Carbon black (pelletized) - Determination of pour density (ISO 1306:1995) More  Comment 
DIN ISO 1435 2020-01-31 Rubber compounding ingredients - Carbon black (pelletized) - Determination of fines content (ISO 1435:1996) More  Comment 
DIN ISO 11234 2020-01-31 Rubber compounding ingredients - Carbon black (pelletized) - Determination of dust content (ISO 11234:1995) More  Comment 

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