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DIN SPEC 10534
Food hygiene - Commercial dishwashing - Hygiene requirements, testing; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Lebensmittelhygiene - Gewerbliches maschinelles Spülen - Hygieneanforderungen, Prüfung; Text Deutsch und Englisch




This prestandard is a summary of the standards DIN 10510, DIN 10511, DIN 10512 and DIN 10522. It specifies hygiene requirements relating to the design, construction and operation of commercial warewashers of a wide variety of designs and in particular provides information on their hygienic and proper operation, on cleaning and disinfection of wash ware and on care and maintenance of the machinery. It describes the methods for testing hygienic operation. It also specifies principles for proper spatial and functional arrangements within the kitchen area and for proper and hygienic organisation of the wash ware cycle. This prestandard applies to commercial warewashers for cleaning wash ware that is used in contact with food, such as crockery, glassware, cutlery, reusable boxes and similar articles.
Commercial warewashers are used in kitchens, for example, in restaurants, canteens and hospitals and in commercial enterprises such as bakeries, butcher's shops, etcetera. Domestic warewashers and washer disinfector for the treatment of medical devices as defined by the German Medical Devices Act are excluded from the scope of this prestandard.
Health-related consumer protection is the most important aim of this standard. Due to hygienic problems occurring in practice there is an urgent need for regulation. The focus of the prestandard is test methods for warewashers enabling the testing of the washing results from the food hygiene point of view. On the one hand, the specified test methods can aid the device manufacturers in checking the performance of their devices with regard to a flawless washing result. On the other hand, the prestandard can be used by the official controls of foodstuffs to uncover possible hygiene failures. In addition to device manufacturers and official controls, the standard is also directed at the users in the food industry, in particular in communal and commercial catering facilities which shall ensure hygienic and proper operation for cleaning and disinfection of wash ware and on care and maintenance of the machinery to achieve hygienically safe cleaning of the wash ware in accordance with the legal requirements.
The document has been prepared by the Food and Agricultural Products Standards Committee (NAL), Working Group NA 057-02-01-08 AK "Hygieneanforderungen an die maschinelle Reinigung von Lebensmittelbedarfsgegenständen" ("Hygiene requirements on the mechanical cleaning of utensils and materials with contact to foodstuffs") at Working Committee NA 057-02-01 AA "Lebensmittelhygiene" ("Food hygiene"). By solution of Working Committee "Food hygiene", the text is published in German and English.

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NA 057-02-01-08 AK - Hygiene requirements on the mechanical cleaning of utensils and materials with contact to foodstuffs 

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