NA 057

DIN Standards Committee Food and Agricultural Products

NA 057-02-01 AA
Food hygiene

The committee NA 057-02-01 AA "Food hygiene" is responsible for the standardization in the field 'Safety and hygiene of food' concerning its production, treatment and placing on the market. The scope comprises the determination of requirements ((specifications)) and test methods which are necessary from the hygienic point of view regarding the assurance of technical and organizational conditions in the food sector. The committee acts as national mirror committee of the relevant European and international standardization projects regarding food hygiene and food safety, in particular the ones of ISO/TC 34, ISO/TC 199, ISO/TC 23, as well as CEN/TC 153 and represents the German interests in the European and international work of standardization.

Subordinate Committees of NA 057-02-01 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 057-02-01-01 AK -dormant Selling of perishable foodstuffs from vending machines 0
NA 057-02-01-02 AK -dormant Separation of non all over closed sales arrangements of foodstuffs 0
NA 057-02-01-03 AK -dormant Work wear in food business 0
NA 057-02-01-04 AK -dormant Mass catering 0
NA 057-02-01-05 AK Automatic milking installations 0
NA 057-02-01-07 AK Household water-filter 0
NA 057-02-01-08 AK Hygiene requirements on the mechanical cleaning of utensils and materials with contact to foodstuffs 0
NA 057-02-01-09 AK -dormant Foodgrade lubricants 0
NA 057-02-01-10 AK Personal hygiene/Training 0
NA 057-02-01-11 AK -dormant Cleaning and disinfection 0
NA 057-02-01-12 AK -dormant Retained samples in mass catering 0
NA 057-02-01-13 AK Cream whipping machines 0
NA 057-02-01-14 AK -dormant Pest control in the food area 0
NA 057-02-01-15 AK Ice-cream machines 0
NA 057-02-01-17 AK -dormant Terminology 0
NA 057-02-01-18 AK -dormant Containers for foodstuffs 0
NA 057-02-01-19 AK Unpackaged food for self-service 0
NA 057-02-01-20 AK -dormant Sales vehicles for foodstuffs 0
NA 057-02-01-21 AK -dormant Display cabinets for foodstuffs 0
NA 057-02-01-22 AK Materials in contact with foodstuffs 0
NA 057-02-01-24 AK -dormant Dosing apparatus for animal pharmaceuticals 0
NA 057-02-01-25 AK Beverage applicances 0
NA 057-02-01-27 AK -dormant Bake-off station at retail 0
NA 057-02-01-28 AK Hygiene requirements for food processing machinery 0
NA 057-02-01-29 AK -dormant Food deliveries to end consumers (in particular online trade) 0
NA 057-02-01-30 GAK -dormant Bulk milk coolers on farms 0
NA 057-02-01-31 GAK Joint working group NAL/NAM: Slaughter stunning and killing technologies 0


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