Business plans

Number: 41

DIN SPEC 92222 2018-02 Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation More 
DIN SPEC 91399 2018-02 Method for determining process input parameters for precision electrochemical machining - requirements/criteria/definitions More 
DIN SPEC 91379 2018-02 Latin characters in UNICODE More 
DIN SPEC 91398 2018-02 3D screen printing - Requirements on the determination of parameters for 3D screen printing paste for metal and ceramic More 
DIN SPEC 16699 2018-02 Open Colour Communication More 
DIN SPEC 60015 2018-02 Quantitative measurement of the evaporative heat loss of smart textile materials for work, sports / outdoor and leisure More 
DIN SPEC 27006 2018-02 Smart contracts and sensors in blockchains for Industrie 4.0 applications More 
DIN SPEC 91387 2018-01 Communities and digital transformation - Components and processes More 
DIN SPEC 33453 2018-01 Smart Service Systems Engineering More 
DIN SPEC 77229-5 2017-12 Technical services - Service categories and contents for industrial process engineering systems - Part 5: Cold-, heat and sound insulation More