Business plans

Number: 55

DIN SPEC 4864 2018-06 Test method for the determination of flow curves and benchmark characteristic values for tensile testing by means of minor destructive indentation, 3D measurement and finite-element material models More 
DIN SPEC 91402 2018-05 Digital planning, management, testing and inspection of scaffolding More 
DIN SPEC 91390 2018-05 Integrated Risk and Crisis Management in Civil Protection - Risk Management More 
DIN SPEC 3104 2018-04 Blockchain notary More 
DIN SPEC 91394 2018-04 Digitalization of parking processes - Data Interfaces More 
DIN SPEC 91396 2018-04 Digitalization of sports membership IDs - numerical order and interfaces More 
DIN SPEC 18114 2018-03 Creation of a DIN SPEC as basis for ISO NWIP 19123-1 "Geographic information - Abstract Coverage model" More 
DIN SPEC 92001 2018-03 Artificial Intelligence - Quality requirements and life cycle management for AI modules More 
DIN SPEC 91392 2018-03 Marketplace for ICT-services - Specification of requirements for a platform capable ICT-service More 
DIN SPEC 13257 2018-03 Specifications for single use foot garments in hygienic foot care and medical foot treatment More