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DIN-Normenausschuss Luft- und Raumfahrt (NL)


Call for Tenders - GNSS Based positioning for ITS

Satellite positioning receivers: contribute to European works by submitting a proposal before the 16th of June 2019.

A European call for tenders is launched to deliver 7 technical reports and 4 technical specification Use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). A preliminary work necessary for the drafting of future European standards. Submit your proposal before the 16th of June.

In the frame of a European mandate, CEN-CENELEC TC5/WG1 is presently conducting standardization work on the use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

The secretariat of this group is done by BNAE, on behalf of AFNOR. Eventually, this work will be used to update 2 European standards on test procedures of GNSS-based positioning terminals for performance assessment and the creation of a new European standard on datasets replay requirements.

To do so, the writers of the standards need technical data, they are expecting under the form of  technical reports and technical specification, dealing respectively with:

  • Methodology for the recording of relevant datasets
  • Refinement of the PVT error model for the sensitivity analysis
  • GNSS integrity for road applications
  • Assessment of performances for Hybrid GNSS bases positioning terminals

Feeding and writing these reports, is the object of a call for tenders, launched at the European scale, towards any organization concerned by the topic of satellite positioning and navigation for road transport.

A first European norm has been published. It is the general methodological standard EN 16803-1: “Use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Part 1: Definitions and system engineering procedures for the establishment and assessment of performances”. Two other European Standards are currently at Enquiry phase (16803-2 and 16803-3) dealing with performances assessment.

Please note that the works will be conducted in English language.