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New projects on Electromagnetic Pulse Welding in CEN/TC 121 – Transfer of EU research project to standardization

Ladies and gentlemen,

to transfer the results and achievements of the European research project JOIN’EM on JOINing of copper to aluminium by ElectroMagnetic fields to standardization, five ballots for the registration of new projects have been launched in CEN/TC 121, the European technical committee responsible welding and allied processes.

It is intended to develop a series on Welding and allied processes - Electromagnetic pulse welding consisting of five parts as follows:

  • Part 1: Welding knowledge, terminology and vocabulary;
  • Part 2: Design of welded joints;
  • Part 3: Qualification of welding operators;
  • Part 4: Specification and qualification of welding procedures;
  • Part 5: Quality inspection and acceptance criteria.

The basis documents were created by a collaboration of the Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) and the International Impulse Forming Group (I2FG).

Electromagnetic pulse welding is an innovative solid-state welding technology that belongs to the group of pressure welding processes, and is based on the use of electromagnetic forces to deform, accelerate and weld work pieces. No external heat source is used, the connection is only created by a high-velocity impact.

The increasing use of the electromagnetic pulse welding process has created the need for a standard, to ensure that the welding operations are carried out in the most effective manner and that appropriate controls are performed on all aspects of the implementation.

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