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DIN 25449
Reinforced and prestressed concrete components in nuclear facilities - Safety concept, actions, design and construction

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Bauteile aus Stahl- und Spannbeton in kerntechnischen Anlagen - Sicherheitskonzept, Einwirkungen, Bemessung und Konstruktion


This standard specifies fundamental requirements relating to analyses and design and construction rules for reinforced and prestressed concrete components in nuclear power plants. The most important actions in connection with incidents and very rare events are taken into account. The more detailed requirements specified in DIN 25459 for reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete safety containments in nuclear power plants shall also be taken into account. This standard may also be applied by analogy to corresponding components in other nuclear facilities. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 062-07-43 AA "Bauteile aus Stahl- und Spannbeton in kerntechnischen Anlagen" ("Components made of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete in nuclear plants") at DIN.

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NA 062-07-43 AA - Building components made of concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel in nuclear facilities and facilities for nuclear waste disposal 

Edition 2016-04
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