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DIN EN 1464
Adhesives - Determination of peel resistance of adhesive bonds - Floating roller method; German version EN 1464:2010

Title (German)

Klebstoffe - Bestimmung des Schälwiderstandes von Klebungen - Rollenschälversuch; Deutsche Fassung EN 1464:2010


The standard specifies a floating roller method for the determination of the peel resistance of high-strength adhesive bonds between one rigid adherend and one flexible adherend when tested under specified conditions of preparation and testing. Both European Standards EN 1464:1994 and EN 1967:2002 are combined to form the draft standard. The test standard addresses the adhesive manufacturers, users of structural adhesive and independent test laboratories. At DIN the responsible Committee is NA 062-04-55 AA "Prüfung von Konstruktionsklebstoffen, -klebverbindungen und Kernverbunden" ("Testing of structural adhesives, structural adhesive bondings and sandwiches").

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Responsible national committee

NA 062-10-02 AA - Test methods relevant to structural adhesive technology  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 193/WG 2 - Structural adhesives  

Edition 2010-06
Original language German
Translation English
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