NA 062

DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

NA 062-05-82 AA
Solid biofuels

1. The committee mirrors the international standardization work of ISO/TC 238 on solid biofuels. These comprise raw and processed material originating from a) forestry and arboriculture; b) agriculture and horticulture and c) aquaculture. If this also includes chemically treated residues, halogenated organic compounds or heavy metals are not permitted to be present in concentrations above levels that are typical for newly harvested material or typical for the country of origin. The standardization activities of ISO/TC 238 primarily encompass the technical quality requirements to be met by the fuels, the definition of fuel classes, and the specification of test and measuring methods, terminology and quality assurance measures. Note: Standards on solid recovered fuels are dealt with in NA 062-05-83 AA. 2. For any solid biofuels whose requirements are not covered by the remit of ISO/TC 238 and which the international committee does not plan to standardize, the national committee can develop a national standard provided it is foreseeable that there will be reasonable market opportunities for such fuels.


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