NA 062

DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

NA 062-05-13 AA
Textile care, water action, crease behaviour

NA 062-05-13 AA "Textile care, water action, crease behaviour" deals with procedures on the behaviour and properties of textiles in contact with water as well as water absorption and release. This includes the areas of cleaning with apolar solvents (dry cleaning) and wet cleaning as well as household laundry and its effects on textiles. In addition, NA 062-05-13 AA is responsible for the determination of microplastics from textiles. NA 062-05-13 AA is the national mirror committee (SpA) for the topics "Microplastics from textile sources" at ISO/TC 38 "Textiles" and CEN/TC 248 "Textiles and textile products", as well as the above mentioned topics from ISO/TC 38 "Textiles", ISO/TC 38/SC 2 "Cleansing, finishing and water resistance tests" and CEN/TC 248 "Textiles and textile products".


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