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DIN 10502-2
Food hygiene - Containers for liquid, granulated and powdered foodstuffs - Part 2: Cleaning and disinfection

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Lebensmittelhygiene - Transportbehälter für flüssige, granulatförmige und pulverförmige Lebensmittel - Teil 2: Reinigung und Desinfektion


This standard applies for containers for liquid, granulated and powdered foodstuffs in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 for the purpose of food production, transported unpackaged. DIN 10502-2 specifies requirements for cleaning and disinfection of containers for foodstuffs. During transport of food in containers for foodstuffs, for example in tank vehicles or tank wagons, food hygiene regulations shall be also observed in addition to special legal regulations to ensure food safety. In DIN 10502-2, the cleaning and disinfection aim is described and the respective cleaning and disinfection methods are outlined for powdered, granulated and liquid foodstuffs. Furthermore, the requirements for the measures for the execution of cleaning and disinfection of containers for foodstuffs are concretized. All relevant measures shall always be adjusted to the type of the respective food. The cleaning and disinfection shall ensure that the container is clean. All undesired substances shall be removed from surfaces and the number of microorganisms reduced to a level that is sufficiently low, dependent on the intended use. Different test methods are indicated for monitoring the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection measures. Users of the standard are the parties involved in the transport activity, like the food manufacturer, the foodstuff carrier and the respective cleaning company. The aim is to exclude every adverse influence with regard to microbiological, chemical, physical and sensory changes of the foodstuff and to fulfil the food law regulations. The body responsible for this standard is NA 057-02-01-18 AK "Transportbehälter für Lebensmittel" ("Containers for foodstuffs") at DIN.

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NA 057-02-01-18 AK - Containers for foodstuffs 

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