NA 057

DIN Standards Committee Food and Agricultural Products

NA 057-03-06 AA
Plant biostimulants

NA 057-03-06 AA "Plant biostimulants" is responsible for the standardization of plant biostimulants. This includes the standardization of terms and designations, requirements and specifications (including safety requirements), marking and testing procedures that enable product verification. Plant biostimulants are: Products that stimulate the plant's processes, use nutrients more efficiently, and strengthen plants to better withstand adverse growing conditions. NA 057-03-06 AA is the national mirror body for CEN / TC 455 "Plant biostimulants". The subjects excluded from this area of responsibility are those of NA 057-03-01 AA "Soil improvers and culture substrates" and NA 057-03-02 AA "Fertilizers". NA 057-03-06 AA is responsible for German opinion formation and formulates the German statement on European and international standardization and standardization projects of the above-mentioned committees. In addition, NA 057-03-06 AA is responsible for the development of proposals for European and international standardization work and the appointment of German experts. He is also responsible for the systematic review of national, European and international standards and specifications in his area of responsibility.


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