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DIN 18872-5
Equipment for commercial kitchens - refrigeration technology equipment - Part 5: Blast chiller and blast freezer; Requirements and testing

Title (German)

Großküchengeräte - Kältetechnische Einrichtungskomponenten - Teil 5: Schnellkühler und Schockfroster; Anforderungen und Prüfung


This product standard contains requirements for the construction and operation, including test methods, of the safety-relevant and hygienic features of blast chillers and blast freezers incorporated in commercial kitchens and which serve for quick chilling of dishes, in order to take account of the requirements of DIN 10506 "Food hygiene - Mass catering". With this standard it is ensured that the customer acquires a blast chiller or blast freezer which meets the requirements and demands regarding daily use which exist in commercial kitchens. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 040-05-02 AA "Großküchengeräte" ("Equipment for commercial kitchens") at DIN.

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NA 040-05-02 AA - Large kitchen appliances 

Edition 2013-04
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