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DIN 14555-3
Vehicles carrying tools and gears - Part 3: Emergency tender RW

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Rüstwagen und Gerätewagen - Teil 3: Rüstwagen RW


The standard specifies requirements for the equipment and built-in technical facilities of a rescue vehicle required to carry out almost all technical assistance operations (including large-scale operations), as well as for the chassis, the body, the equipment compartment, the roof and the firefighting equipment. The rescue vehicle is not an independent unit, but is usually deployed at least together with a water-carrying fire-fighting vehicle. The following areas of application or tasks are primarily taken into account for the rescue vehicle: - truck accidents; - rescue from heights and depths; - supply of power consumers, for example during storm operations (a supply of stationary installations (buildings and so on) is not provided for); - accidents at construction sites; - accidents in rail traffic; - building collapses; - oil operations; - serious industrial accidents; - technical assistance during major incidents; - technical assistance during fire operations; - support during hazardous materials operations. The revision of the May 2007 edition of the standard became necessary in order to adapt the standard content to the state of the art. Therefore, the following significant changes had to be made: - dimensions and mass revised; - adaptation of the coupling jaw with min. 60 kN; - permissible angle of inclination for double-strand pull device has been omitted; - naming of the tail lift at the request of the purchaser; - revision of the requirements for the equipment compartment and the roof as well as for the technical equipment; - revision of the loading for technical assistance in Table 1; - revision of the loading for the equipment set oil (basic) in Table 2; - new inclusion of the explanations for the mechanical traction device MaZE in Annex B; - new inclusion of the explanations for the slinging gear in Annex C. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 031-04-07 AA "Sonstige Fahrzeuge" ("Other vehicles") at DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection (FNFW).

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NA 031-04-07 AA - Other vehicles  

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