NA 031

DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection

NA 031-04-07 AA
Other vehicles

Scope of work

The working committee deals with the standardisation of other (special) vehicles of the fire brigade as well as some attachments. Overview of the main standardisation topics of the committee so far:

  • Other (special) fire brigade vehicles from the standard number range DIN 145xx
    1. WLF according to DIN 14505;
    2. RW according to DIN 14555-3;
    3. GW-G according to DIN 14555-12;
    4. GW-L1 according to DIN 14555-21;
    5. GW-L2 according to DIN 14555-22;
    6. ELW 1 according to DIN SPEC 14507-2;
    7. ELW 2 according to DIN SPEC 14507-3;
    8. KdoW according to DIN SPEC 14507-5;
  • Towing gear with mechanical drive (MaZE, winch) DIN 14584;
  • Boats for the fire brigade DIN 14961, and their vehicle trailers (boat trailers) DIN 14962;
  • Dangerous goods equipment set DIN 14800-19.
The standardisation of fire-fighting vehicles for extinguishing purposes and high rise aerial vehicles does not belong to the field of work of NA 031-04-07 AA. This is done in NA 031-04-06 AA and NA 031-04-08 AA respectively.

The most important objective of the standardisation work is to ensure safe and efficient firefighting operations through safety specifications and requirements for the performance parameters and interfaces of other vehicles and equipment, and in particular for standardised loading.

Subordinate Committees of NA 031-04-07 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 031-04-07-01 AK -dormant ELW (Comonand and control car) - revised standard series DIN 14507 0
NA 031-04-07-02 AK -dormant GW logistics - revision of DIN 14555-21 and DIN 14555-22 0
NA 031-04-07-03 AK Boats for firefighters - revision of DIN 14961 0
NA 031-04-07-04 AK -dormant GW-G DIN 14555-12 0
NA 031-04-07-05 AK -dormant DIN 14505 - Container trucks 0
NA 031-04-07-06 AK -dormant DIN 14555-3 Emergency tender RW 0


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