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DIN to develop AI standardization roadmap

(2019-05-14)  DIN is currently beginning the process of drafting an Artificial Intelligence roadmap. The aim is to act quickly to create a framework for action for standardization that will strengthen the global competitiveness of German industry and make European values the global benchmark. The standardization roadmap will provide an overview of existing standards and specifications dealing with aspects of AI, and also make recommendations in areas where it sees a need for action. It is being developed by stakeholders from business, science, government and civil society. DIN is orchestrating this dialogue as a neutral platform. The roadmap will play an important role in asserting Germany’s position at the European and international level. It is a step that will implement the AI strategy of the Federal Republic, for field of action no. 10, as outlined in the strategy document, expressly deals with “Setting standards”. The roadmap is being developed in an open and transparent process. More 

Ensuring AI quality

(2019-03-29)  Newly published: DIN SPEC 92001-1 on the quality of AI modules Just in time for the Hanover Fair, DIN presented the new DIN SPEC 92001-1, Artificial Intelligence – Life Cycle Processes and Quality Requirements – Part 1: Quality Metamodel. This DIN SPEC aims to ensure the quality of AI throughout its entire life cycle using a uniform concept. To this end, it defines a quality metamodel that comprises and combines all key aspects of AI quality. Special focus is placed on the individual phases in the life cycle of AI modules; these can have certain quality requirements assigned to them. Particularly in the conception and development stages, for example, it is important to prevent bias when information is processed. In addition, the metamodel identifies the three quality pillars that are the goals central to quality assurance: functionality and performance, robustness and comprehensibility. It also establishes the components of an AI module that are relevant to its quality, such as ... More 

Pioneering Industrie 4.0

(2019-03-28)  Introduction of DIN SPEC 92222, Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation DIN SPEC 92222 Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation, completed in time for the Hanover Fair, was presented to guests in Hall 8, Stand E30. This specification has sparked a great deal of interest among experts involved in Industrie 4.0. It specifies requirements for standardized communication between machines or edge components and the centralized IT infrastructure. It also addresses communication across company boundaries between different cloud systems. DIN SPEC 92222 thereby contributes to ensuring that the flow of data is manufacturer independent and gives innovations and data-driven Industrie 4.0 business models a coherent framework. DIN SPEC 92222 unifies many stakeholders In Industrie 4.0, machines or systems operators have to make their equipment data available to many external companies; for example, in order to predict maintenance times as accurately as possible or enable billing ... More 

Wandbrand verschönert Haus der Normung mit Motiv „Abseits der Norm“ Wandbrand verschönert Haus der Normung mit Motiv „Abseits der Norm“

Street art project at DIN Plaza

(2019-01-07)  Berlin artists from the "Wandbrand" collective were invited to spray paint the usually gray façade of DIN's main building with colourful versions of the Berlin Bear. The artwork by street artists Damian Yves Rohde (DYR) and Till Jürgens can be viewed until the end of January, when renovation of DIN’s main offices begins. This project is supported by WANDELISM, a group of 150 Berlin artists which has already made a name for itself. The graffiti will add a splash of colour to the DIN Plaza, at least for a while. Damian Yves Rohde, who designed the picture, explains: "Our motive is 'Beyond the norm'. We are trying to show that standards and artistic freedom can co-exist, and even provide a welcome contrast". It took the artists two days to complete their work. Ready for new challenges DIN's 50-year old building in Berlin-Tiergarten is being renovated and will be provided with a new, brighter façade. An open-plan office design is also being introduced. "This renovation exemplifies ... More 


DIN/DKE’s participation in the “International Symposium on Standardization Strategy and Policy in the Future” and bilateral meeting with Dr. Tian Shihong

(2018-12-14)  The “International Symposium on Standardization Strategy and Policy in the Future” hosted by the China State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) took place in Beijing on the 28th of November. Over 300 stakeholders from SAMR, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Chinese standardization expert committees, research institutes, academia and various industry sectors participated in this event. In the context of defining and implementing the Chinese standardization strategy, and promoting the research project “China Standards 2035”, among other guests, DIN and DKE have been invited to speak about the German standardization strategy and the strategy of Industry 4.0 standardization. DIN and DKE have also participated as panelists in the discussions on “Standards Facilitating SMEs’ Development” and “Standards Facilitating Trade”. Through such practical exchanges with our Chinese colleagues, both sides get to better understand the others countrie´s standardization system and the ... More 

Future role of BSI in CEN and CENELECInformation on Brexit

(2018-12-10)  On 23 November 2018, the General Assemblies of the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC approved a plan regarding the role of BSI in these organizations post-Brexit. The transition phase begins from the date the UK withdraws from the EU (which is expected to be 29.03.2019) and ends on 31.12.2020. BSI, UK's national standards body, welcomes this plan. During the transition period BSI will retain its full member’s rights and obligations, independent from the political agreement or otherwise, between the EU and the UK. This amendment allows BSI to continue its work within these European bodies. At the end of this transition period, an external, neutral party will carry out a review to assess whether BSI continues to meet the criteria for membership (as defined in the CEN-CENELEC Statutes and Internal Regulations). In November 2020, the CEN and CENELEC General Assemblies will decide on BSI's continuing status within CEN/CENELEC and whether their respective by-laws need ... More 

Bild des neuen DIN-Gebäudes nach dem Umbau © DIN

DIN Building being modernizedConference centre to remain open

(2018-10-11)  The 660 members of DIN Group staff are relocating to an office building close to Berlin’s Tegel Airport for the duration of the construction work. Standards committee meetings will continue to take place as usual in our state-of-the art conference centre at DIN-Platz. From December onwards, access to the conference rooms will be from Budapester Straße 31. More 

Publication of DIN SPEC 5010 - Measurement method for the evaluation of migration from paper and board with a barrier

(2018-04-24)  With DIN SPEC 5010 “Testing of paper and board - Determination of the transfer of mineral oil hydrocarbons from food contact materials manufactured with portions of recycled pulp” a standardised measuring method is made available for the evaluation of migration from paper and board with a barrier. In the individual case of application, it allows for conclusions about estimates of the migration of mineral oil hydrocarbons from fibre-based paper and board equipped with a barrier. The project was initiated by Verband Deutscher Papierfabriken e. V. (VDP). A total of 14 project partners from industry, research, associations and testing institutes took part in the workshop on DIN SPEC 5010. The DIN SPEC 5010 is now available free of charge at the end of April 2018 as a PDF version at the Beuth WebShop. More 

Strengthening Germany as a leading industrial nationStandardization Council Industrie 4.0 publishes new Standardization Roadmap

(2018-04-19)  At the Hanover Fair, the Standardization Council Industrie 4.0 (SCI 4.0), together with DIN and VDE/DKE, will present the Third Edition of the Standardization Roadmap for Industrie 4.0. Written by experts from industry, research, academia and politics, the Roadmap describes the current state of development in Industrie 4.0, lists the needs for standards in this area, and provides ideas for successful implementation. The document also addresses the role of humans in automated environments, the harmonization of smart manufacturing components, reference and data models in Industrie 4.0, as well as communication technologies, service robotics and legal issues. "Germany has to assert itself on the international market by coming up with the best solutions and concepts for Industrie 4.0. This makes a holistic approach and interdisciplinary cooperation in industry and by standardizers absolutely necessary – particularly so that these solutions can be successfully implemented and ... More 

Christoph Winterhalter (DIN), Joe Bhatia (ANSI) and Thomas Sentko (DKE) Christoph Winterhalter (DIN), Joe Bhatia (ANSI) and Thomas Sentko (DKE)

U.S.-German Standards Panel 2018: Cybersecurity in Smart Manufacturing, Mobility and AgricultureSecuring Future Technologies - Cybersecurity and other Challenges and Solutions for Smart Manufacturing, Mobility and Agriculture

(2018-04-19)  Bilaterale Zusammenarbeit bei der Standardisierung mit Blick auf IT-Sicherheit in den zukunftsträchtigen Sektoren Smart Manufacturing, Smart Mobility und Smart Agriculture - beim U.S.-German Standards Panel, das vom 9.-11. April 2018 in Washington. D.C. stattfand tauschten sich rund 80 Teilnehmer aus Deutschland und den USA zu diesem Thema aus. Organisiert wurde die Konferenz vom American National Institute of Standards (ANSI), DIN und DKE. More