Position of the DIN Group regarding the Ukraine crisis

Cooperation with Russia at various levels suspended until further notice

DIN is shocked by the current events in Ukraine. We strongly condemn the invasion of Russian troops in violation of international law. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine who have to fear for their lives, and all the innocent victims of this war.

For this reason, we have suspended our cooperation with Russia at various levels. At the same time, we as the DIN Group are providing financial support and our employees are actively offering assistance in order to make at least a small contribution to alleviating the suffering of the people within the scope of our possibilities.

Of course, we are also currently exchanging information on this topic with our European and international partners at CEN/CENELEC and ISO/IEC, and are coordinating our approach to standardization work with these organizations.

So far, the following decisions have been made:


The Cooperation Agreement between CEN, CENELEC and the Russian standards body GOST R is suspended with immediate effect and until further notice, as is the Companion Standards Body (CSB) Agreement between CEN, CENELEC and the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus (BELST). The pilot projects with the Eurasian Interstate Council (EASC) will also be discontinued with immediate effect and until further notice.


In agreement with the Russian ISO member GOST R, all technical meetings under its leadership have been postponed until further notice. ISO is in contact with the member organization in Ukraine (DSTU) to support its standardization activities as needed.

We are receiving many queries about the extent to which participation in standardization meetings in which Russian experts also take part is affected by the EU sanctions. DIN is not able to provide a legal assessment or information on this matter. We have already addressed this issue to the EU Commission in close cooperation with the BMWK and the DKE. Initial feedback has shown that ISO meetings can be regarded as "multilateral or regional meetings". Participation by experts from the EU is therefore still permissible, even if representatives of Russia and Belarus are present. We are continuing our dialogue with the EU Commission, as well as with ISO. As soon as we have further information, we will inform you promptly.

Sales stop of standards and specifications to Russia

As a result of the European sanctions, we have suspended the sale and licensing of standards and specifications to Russia until further notice.

We hope that this terrible situation can be brought to a peaceful end as soon as possible. Until then, with our work we are supporting all efforts of the international community to protect people and ensure trust and progress.